ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

3 Ways To Rock Your Pool On Any Budget

by Anton Leinonen

Are you looking to makeover your swimming pool? Whether your budget is large or small, using rocks in the pool remodel can add a lot of bang for your buck. Here are 3 ways to use rocks to give a facelift to any pool, large or small.

Add a Waterfall

A water feature turns your boring pool into a work of art any time of day. Fake rock on the side of the pool makes an easy way to add a soothing waterfall in what looks like a natural setting. Landscape up to the far edge of the rocks and plant ground cover or annuals in the rocks' crags to bring Mother Nature into your pool area. For a more whimsical waterfall look, you can use fiber optic or LED lighting to add color and nighttime interest. 

Build a Grotto

A pool grotto can be any size you want -- and have the budget for. From a small cave that simply offers a little shade and a bubbling waterfall to a full-size swim-in retreat, it only depends on your imagination. Rock grottoes are attached to the side of the pool and generally feature some kind of swim-in cave for relaxation and privacy. A small grotto could simply include an underwater bench that provides a little protection from the sun or a romantic retreat away from the playing kids. Luxury grottoes get much more elaborate and make use of artificial rock to create rooms that can be accessed either from the pool or from walk-in hidden doors. You can install a spa with concealed lighting or a swim-up bar or even an entertainment lounge with big-screen televisions and a mini-bar. 

Try a Diving Rock

Get rid of the traditional diving board that stands out like a sore thumb by replacing it with a diving rock. A diving rock -- whether real or faux stone -- blends in better with a natural design and turns the diving board into a part of the landscape or art of the pool. You can choose either a small, unobtrusive design or a long flat slab that can serve a much more obvious role as a diving board. A qualified pool contractor (such as one from Celebrity Pools) can help you locate and place the right stone for your size pool. 

Making use of modern pool technology means you can create a dream pool getaway on any budget. Faux rocks -- whether as fancy as an expansive grotto or as simple as a natural diving board -- add a unique element to your pool that can make it feel like new. 


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ideas for custom-built pools

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