ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

5 Signs Your Pool Needs To Be Inspected

by Anton Leinonen

Properly maintaining your pool is a necessary part of having one. This is not only because of safety issues, but also because if you do not get it inspected in a timely fashion, issues may build to be bigger problems and cost you more in the end. Be aware of these 5 signs that your pool needs an inspection and get a professional involved when they crop up:

1. Jungle World

Your pool, if unscreened, may be susceptible to a lot of big trees and other plant life. DE (diatomaceous earth) pool filters are a part of your pool that should be taken apart and cleaned out regularly. If you live in a wooded area, assume that debris can and will clog your filters eventually.

2. Leaking

Your pool can have a leak if it has plumbing or drainage anywhere in the system. If you find yourself repeatedly adding fresh water to your swimming pool, even during months when temperatures are low, you may likely have a leak. Call your professional for an inspection as soon as possible.

3. Lack of a Main Drain

The pool is designed to take water from your main drain (the big drain in the middle of the pool) and also the skimmer. Previously, technicians would simply cover the drain to stop the leak or solve another problem in the short term. If your pool has been treated this way, you need to unclog the main drain. If you don't have a main drain, you should consult a professional to see the possibilities of getting one installed and allowing proper circulation in your pool.

4. Small Equipment

There are various sizes for filters and pumps. However, if yours is too small then the pool may not be able to properly filter the amount of water that pumps through it. It will add stress to the overall system and probably lead to you paying for a costly, but preventable, repair in the future. Get it checked out now to save yourself the hassle and the financial hit.

5. Small Children

Even if you have chemicals in your pool to stop the growth of bacteria, the chemicals need to be replaced. This is because certain accidents, like pee in the pool, aren't just inconvenient. They change the composition of the chemicals and lead to a need for replacement and maintenance.

Pools are great fun when properly cared for. In the summer or the winter, you can enjoy your swimming pool if you get it inspected regularly. Simply look for these 5 signs and get a swimming pool repair professional to check it out, then enjoy peace of mind.


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ideas for custom-built pools

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