ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

How To Conserve Water During A Water Shortage

by Anton Leinonen

If you've ever experienced a water shortage, you already know how awful that is. Besides having the convenience of getting to use as much water as you want to, you might even get a panicky feeling that someday you won't have any water at all. Right now, seven states are already experiencing a serious water shortage problem. Those states are California, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. If you have lived in any of these states for any length of time, you probably already know what you're supposed to do to conserve water. If you're new to the state, here are some ideas that might help you. While some of them might seem extreme, just remember that every little thing you do can help the problem.

Be Ever Mindful Of Small Ways You Can Conserve - Think of posting small posters in all of the rooms of your house that will remind your members to save every little drop. For example, if somebody has a bit of drinking water left in a plastic bottle, get them to trickle that water onto an indoor plant. Another good idea is to put a bucket in each bathroom shower. Water that is collected automatically when people use the shower will not only water plants, but it can also be boiled to use as drinking water. Obviously don't use any that has soap in it for drinking purposes! Remember that, if you have juice with a meal, you have already had a good portion of water, so you don't need to serve water unless you are asked for it. You'll probably catch on to that when you go out to eat in a restaurant. 

Keep Your Swimming Pool Full - Are you lucky enough to have a swimming pool at your home? If so, don't feel guilty about keeping water in it. Of course, it will be great to take a swim on hot days, especially if you count that swim as your daily bath. But, there's more to having a full swimming pool than just the fun aspect. Your pool water can serve as drinking water when you purify it. You can do this by purchasing special filters which are very readily available in home supply stores. Or, you can even purify your water by boiling it. Think of setting up an automatic delivery schedule to keep your pool full. It certainly won't be as expensive to do that as it was when you first filled your pool, and having ready access to water will be worth every penny you spend.

Another good idea is to keep bottled water in your car. It's good to have at least a gallon per person. For information on water delivery, contact a company like Renehan's.


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ideas for custom-built pools

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