ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

Tips For Creating A Backyard Sanctuary With A Custom Pool

by Anton Leinonen

There's nothing better than being able to relax poolside in your personal backyard retreat, especially during the summer months. If your backyard is currently less than spectacular, you can improve its look and mood by having a custom pool installed. Survey your available outdoor space to chose a custom pool size and shape that will compliment your backyard oasis.

Backyard Layout

Whether you have sprawling acres of lush, green grass or little more than a small patch of dirt for a backyard, an expertly designed layout is necessary for a dramatic transformation. Choose where your custom pool will be situated, while keeping areas such as walkways, gardens, patios, entrances and decks in mind. The correct juxtaposition of a custom pool in an expertly landscaped yard with tasteful decor creates just the right balance.

Swimming Pool Specifications

Pools can come pre-made in molds or custom created on site. According to The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, more than 50,000 new swimming pools were professionally installed in the United States in 2012. Working with a swimming pool contractor who specializes in custom pool installations will allow you to learn what types of materials, designs, filtration systems and other features will work best in your particular case

Outdoor Seating

Although the highlight of your relaxing backyard will certainly be its custom pool, comfortable seating makes the space much more inviting. You can opt for wooden benches, wicker recliners, canvas beach chairs, tall bar stools or any other type of seating that will stand up to the elements. Don't forget that cabanas, patio sets and other seating arrangements can be set up anywhere around your custom pool to create a harmonious flow throughout the space.

Outdoor Lighting And Accessories

Choosing the right lights and the perfect finishing accessories will help your custom pool space to stand apart. Those last small touches that you put into your backyard sanctuary should help to highlight your personality so that you will be right at home outside. There's no need to rush the process. Instead, take your time and slowly piece together unique throw pillows and outdoor lighting until your backyard creates the right picture.

Having a new custom pool installed will turn your yard into a space that invites both recreation and relaxation. Imagine choosing between basking in the sun or taking laps in your pool, virtually whenever you want. With a stylishly designed backyard pool space, your dream can become a reality. Contact a company like Contemporary Pools Inc to get started.


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ideas for custom-built pools

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