ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

Why Is Your Pool Filter Blowing Sand Into Your Pool? How To Repair This

by Anton Leinonen

If you're feeling sand between your toes on the beach, this may be a good feeling, but if you're feeling sand between your toes in your swimming pool, this isn't a good thing. If you have sand in your pool, it's most likely blowing in through the water return from the filter. The sand in your filter should stay put in the filter, it shouldn't ever get blown back into your pool. If this is what's happening, you need to make the repair right away to prevent more sand from getting into your pool - sand can be difficult to vacuum out of your pool. Read on for how to make this repair.

Turn Off The Pool

Turn off your swimming pool and stop allowing any more sand to get into your pool from the filter. Cover the return valve and the skimmer opening to prevent water from coming out of your pool. Then take the hoses off of the filter and the return opening, then open up your filter using a screwdriver. keep track of the screws so you don't lose them. Remove the water from inside the filter by opening the plug on the bottom of the filter.

Remove The Sand

You're going to need to remove all of the sand from your filter. Do this using a cup or a small bucket. Remove all of the sand until you have barely any left at all. If your sand looks good, such as it isn't covered with algae or mold, you can reuse it, otherwise, you may want to replace the sand altogether with new pool sand.

Check The "Fingers"

There are "fingers" inside the filter that help clean the water. These fingers need to be intact and not broken or damaged in any way. If they are damaged, they are going to need to be replaced, as they could be allowing sand to get into the water. If you need replacement parts, you can find them at your local swimming pool supply store.

Clean The Filter

Clean the inside of the filter and also the inner pipe where the water will flow through. This pipe shouldn't have any sand in it at all. Spray the entire filter down and rinse it thoroughly before adding any sand in it.

Add Sand

Add in either the old sand or the new sand. Be sure you are using pool filter sand and not play sand or some other type of sand, as this could pose a problem. Add the sand, being sure you cover the inner pipe to prevent sand from getting inside. Once the sand is inside, you can add some water to the filter sand and to fill up the filter with water. Attach the hoses and re-connect them to your pool. Add the lid to the filter and start it back up.

Once finished, check that your filter isn't blowing sand back into your pool again. If you continue to have a problem with your filter blowing sand into your pool, call a swimming pool repairman such as All-American Pools for help.



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ideas for custom-built pools

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