ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

Natural Swimming Pool Designs With Conventional Swimming Area And Aquatic Gardens

by Anton Leinonen

Today, natural pool designs are all the rage, and you may be considering one for your home. What if you want the pool and deck area to have a more conventional look and have the filtration system to be separated? Aquatic gardens and the right water features will help you accomplish this. The following natural pool design ideas will help you create a swimming area with a conventional look and aquatic gardens that enhance landscaping:

  • Conventional Custom Pool Shapes—The pool area for swimming can have a conventional shape and style. These can be some of the many conventional custom pool shapes, such as a kidney shape fiberglass unit or a custom concrete pool with tile finish. If you use a fiberglass pool or design with a vinyl liner, adjustments will need to be made for the skimmers and natural filtration system that keeps the water clean. The benefit of natural pool filtration is that there are not as many chemicals that eat liners and other pool surface materials.
  • Integrating Filtration Elements into Pool Areas—The natural pool design is going to require different types of filtration systems. These systems will need to be integrated into the pool area. The first thing to consider for the filtration components is the skimmers. These often need to be larger pond-style skimmers. The larger skimmers can be used, and the exterior of the units finished with more conventional pool materials and safety tops for the skimmers. In addition, there may need to be more inlets, outlets, and pool drains to improve water circulation and the water filtration of the natural pool design.
  • Designing the Right Water Features for the Pool—The water features of a custom natural pool design are important elements of the filtration system. These features help keep insects and pests out of the water by constantly circulating. They can include features like waterfalls, streams, and other features that enhance the appearance of the pool and functionality of the filtration system.
  • Planning Your Pool Deck and Aquatic Garden Designs—The filtration system of your natural pool design can be integrated into the landscaping around the pool area and outdoor living spaces. This can be done by creating aquatic gardens that have the perfect balance of plants and animals to filter the water naturally and keep your pool clean. Keeping these areas separate will give you a more conventional pool design with a natural filtration system.

The right design for your natural pool will give you a conventional look and attractive aquatic gardens. If you are ready to plan your pool construction project, contact a natural pool design service like Pacific AquaScapes to get started discussing these ideas for your project.


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ideas for custom-built pools

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