ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

Hot Tub Features And Designs To Add To Your Home For Relaxing

by Anton Leinonen

There are a lot of options for modern spas that you can have installed to create a relaxing space. You will want to consider the many different options for the design of a new hot tub. You have options for different types of features and equipment that can be added to your hot tub. The following guide for spa features will give you a custom hot tub design for your relaxation space:

The Hot Tub Styles For Custom Spa Designs

The style of your hot tub is an important decision when it comes to your spa project. Today, options for the style and design of a new hot tub include:

  • Custom wood hot tubs with various equipment options
  • Prefabricated fiberglass hot tubs with various design options
  • Custom-built hot tubs with personalized designs for your needs

Custom spa designs can be intimate spaces or large units with seating and features for entertaining guests.

Controls and additional features for spas

Important features to consider when installing a new hot tub are the controls. These control panels can control a lot more than the temperature of the water and jets. Some of the options to integrate into your hot tub and its control panel include:

  • Massage jets and temperature controls for standard designs
  • Adding lighting and light therapy to hot tub designs
  • Installing outdoor audio with integrated controls for hot tubs

The right controls for your hot tub will enhance the additional features like audio and lighting.

Choosing the type of massage jets and seating

Now, most people want to have the best when it comes to the massage jets in the hot tub they have installed. Today, there are options for the different seating designs and jets that can be added to a spa, which include:

  • Contoured seating with massage jets
  • Options for seating for party guests with larger designs
  • Several therapeutic jets and seats designed for specific needs

These are options for massage jets and seating that you will want to consider for your hot tub design.

Getting more from your spa with the right equipment

The spa you install for your relaxation space can have different types of equipment. You want to make sure that your hot tub is reliable, and some of the best choices for reliable equipment include:

  • High-efficiency hot tub heaters that last
  • Filtration systems that reduce hot tub maintenance costs
  • Motors and jets that provide therapeutic massage features

The equipment that you install with your spa is important, and you want to talk to your installer about the best choices for your project.

These are some of the options that you want to consider for your hot tub installation project. Contact a hot tub service and talk to them about these options to add a custom spa to your home.


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ideas for custom-built pools

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