ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

Pool Safety Cover Installation Options To Make Your Pool Safer

by Anton Leinonen

An uncovered pool can be a danger that you want to avoid. Thus, it may be time to have a safety cover installed. There are a lot of things that can be done with the installation of a new safety cover. It can help make your pool safer when it is closed, and automation features will allow you to use it more often. The following options are some of the features you will want to consider for your pool safety cover installation:

Repair and Update Cover Grommet Fastening Systems

The grommets are the fasteners that anchor your pool cover. They may need to be repaired and updated before you can have a new cover installed. First, concrete anchor points need to be inspected. If the concrete is damaged, new reinforced anchor points with grommets need to be installed. If you are going to be installing an automated cover, you may need to install new tracks for these systems.

Options for Automating Your Pool Safety Cover Installation

There are automated cover options that you may want to consider for your pool. These can be completely automated systems that open and close with the push of a button. Another option is to have a manual pool cover installed that has a motor. The motor can be used to roll the cover onto its spindle when it is being removed so that you can use your pool.

Choosing the Type of Pool Safety Cover Materials to Use

The type of pool cover materials you choose to use is also important. If you want to benefit from water when it rains, you may want to use a mesh cover. When you want to keep debris out of the water, solid vinyl materials are a better solution. There are also options for solar covers that can be used to help keep the water warm.

Additional Safety Cover Features to Add During the Installation

There are additional features that you may want to have added to the installation of a safety cover. If you have a hot tub connected to the pool, you may want to have a special cover made for this area. You may also want to have safety padding made for custom design features like rock finishes and waterfalls. These additional features will help improve the design of your safety cover to make your pool safer.

The features you add to your safety cover will make it more useful. The cover can make your pool safe all year and help keep the water clean. Contact a pool safety cover installation service for more information. 


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ideas for custom-built pools

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