ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

Choosing An Above-Ground Pool Design To Take Advantage Of Your Landscaping

by Anton Leinonen

If you want to install a new pool, there are in-ground and above-ground options. Today, above-ground pool designs can offer advantages over in-ground pools. They will also allow you to take advantage of the terrain in your landscaping. The following information will help you choose the best above-ground pool design for your project:

The Types of Above-Ground Pool Designs

Today, there are various above-ground pool designs that you may want to consider for your project, including:

  • Softside metal frame pools
  • Metal frame hard-sided pools
  • Concrete above-ground pools

The above-ground pool design can even be a custom design that is built with concrete. This will give you many of the same options that you have with in-ground pools. An above-ground concrete pool will even give you options for extra custom features like hot tubs or waterfalls. 

Custom Features for Your Above-Ground Pool

There are also custom features that you can add to the design of your above-ground pool. There are different options for deck areas, hot tubs, and other additional features. Some of these features that you may want to add to your pool include:

  • Custom pool deck areas
  • Custom water features
  • Custom hot tub integrations

The extra features will enhance the design of your pool, and they give you functional design elements. If you want to add a hot tub to the design, it can be integrated into the pool deck surface or be made a part of the pool design if you are building a concrete pool. In addition, water features like waterfalls can also be custom-built. There are also options for contemporary design features that can be added to the pool, such as glass and custom pool lighting. 

Filtration Equipment for Your Above-Ground Pool

You also have to decide on what equipment you want to install with your pool. You can choose from various types of filtration systems, including:

  • Natural filtration systems
  • Sand filters
  • Saltwater pool equipment

These are the different equipment options that you will want to consider for your above-ground pool. If you want to keep the water warm and comfortable, solar water heaters can easily be integrated into the design of an above-ground pool.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about above-ground pools before you get started on installing yours. Contact an above-ground pool service and talk to them about these solutions to start planning your project before summer.


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ideas for custom-built pools

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