ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

Benefits Of Hiring An Inground Swimming Pool Contractor VS DIY

by Anton Leinonen

Constructing an inground swimming pool in the backyard is a dream come true for most homeowners. However, many homeowners make the mistake of attempting to DIY the inground swimming construction without adequate knowledge or experience, and thus their dream ends up turning into a nightmare.

Therefore, it is always advisable to have a professional pool construction company plan, design, and construct the inground swimming pool for you. However, to understand why utilizing a swimming pool construction company is the best option, it is essential to understand the benefits you get by using one.

Therefore, here are three benefits of utilizing a contractor for your inground swimming pool versus DIY.

Deciding the Location

Before setting up an inground swimming pool, it is wise to start by considering a good spot on your property for its construction. However, deciding on where to construct an inground pool depends on a variety of factors. These factors include but are not limited to:

  • Available space for the size of inground pool you want
  • Proximity to a water source to minimize the need to pump water over long distances
  • Presence of underground utility lines that may get damaged during construction
  • Accessibility from the house
  • Access to the drainage system

For novice inground pool builders, considering all these factors may not come naturally. Thus, they are bound to neglect a few of these factors and make a mistake in the selected pool area. However, professional pool contractors will consider all the different factors that make an inground pool location ideal. Thus, they will canvas your entire backyard and determine the best location for the inground pool that will satisfy all the necessary factors.

Choosing Container Material

A container is a material that lines the inground swimming pool walls and floors to holds the water. In a bid to minimize costs, many DIY inground pool builders opt for the cheapest lining material they can find. However, the cheapest lining is usually the most inferior in terms of quality and durability. 

Hence, most DIY inground pools will either be prone to frequent repairs or, at some point, the owner will have to replace the entire swimming pools lining. However, suppose you choose to use an inground pool contractor. In that case, they will advise you on the best lining materials that fit within your budget and, most importantly, recommend sturdy and durable materials. 

With an inground pool contractor recommending the container material, you can rest assured you will not have to contend with frequent repairs in the future, and thus, you still get to save money.

Quality of Work

Constructing an inground pool is more than just digging a ditch, lining the walls and floor, then pouring in water. A good inground pool requires the proper design of the plumbing systems to ensure that you can drain and refill your swimming pool easily when conducting maintenance.

Additionally, the walls and the floors need to get leveled using skates and strings to ensure that the inground pool doesn't have any uneven surfaces that could compromise the stability of the wall lining.

All these factors are hard to maintain if you have never built an inground pool before. Thus, to avoid taking the risk of making a costly mistake, it is advisable to hire a professional pool construction company. When you use a professional contractor for your inground swimming pool construction, you are guaranteed a top-notch quality job that you can be proud of having. 

Reach out to a local pool contractor to learn more about inground swimming pools.


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