ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

Clean, Clear, And Maintained: The Pool Owners Guide To Pool Services And Maintenance For Summer

by Anton Leinonen

Keeping your pool clean during the summer months is important, but it is not always the easiest task. Thus, sometimes other services need to be hired to keep the water clean and clear. Pool services can help with complete maintenance routines, repairs, and more. The following guide will help with maintenance and other tasks that need to be done to keep your pool clean all summer:

Backwashing and Other Filter Maintenance

The filter of your pool is one of the most important areas where regular maintenance is going to be needed. The basic backwashing of your filter means diverting the water to clean out the filter medium and clean it. This process should be done frequently to ensure the filter is doing its job to keep the water in your pool clean. You also want to inspect all the connections to the filter cartridge and check the leaf trap to make sure it is clean so that water can circulate through the filter freely.

Choosing the Right Type of Filtration Medium

There are also different types of filtration mediums to use. There are different types of filtrations mediums that can be used for your pool. You want to use a filtration medium that removes the smallest particles from the water. It is important to use quality pool filter products to ensure the particles are removed when needed. In addition, modern UV treatments and other equipment can be used to kill off anything that the chlorine and filter don't take care of.

Cleaning the Overlooked Spots in Your Pool

Some areas of pools get overlooked when doing cleaning, which can lead to dirty water and damage. These areas include stairs, ladders, and other installations that you might not give a second thought about when cleaning. You can hire a professional pool service to handle the deep cleaning of your pool when needed to ensure nothing is missed. This helps keep the water clean because the areas where algae problems often start are cleaned, too.  

Balance the pH and Deal with Minor Equipment Repairs

The pH balance of your pool is also important, which is why you need to keep an eye on chlorine and pH levels. There are times during the summer when it can be difficult to keep the water in your pool well-balanced. This is when you might need the help of a pool service. They can regularly test chlorine and pH levels when doing maintenance and repairs to ensure your pool stays clean through even the hottest summer weather.

Don't just forget about your pool this summer—get the right pool services to help keep the water clean, clear, and maintained.


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ideas for custom-built pools

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