ideas for custom-built pools

ideas for custom-built pools

Upgrading Your Property By Installing A New Pool

by Anton Leinonen

When you are adding a new swimming pool to your property, you will be faced with a number of different options. One of the most important will be the materials that are used in the construction of the pool. Fiberglass is a popular material due to a combination of its affordability and other advantages.

Extremely Fast Installation For The Pool

The speed of the pool installation is always a consideration to review when preparing to make this change to the property. Some pool options may take far longer before they are ready for use, and this can lead to them being ineffective for homeowners that are wanting to be able to use their pool as soon as possible. In most cases, a fiberglass swimming pool can be installed in a matter of days. Furthermore, the fiberglass shell will avoid the lengthy curing process that concrete pools may require before you can enjoy your new pool.

Avoids The Need For A Liner To Be Installed And Maintained

If you choose to install a concrete pool, a liner will often be a preferable upgrade to make as it can reduce the discomfort of the rough concrete surfaces. While placing a liner can be a relatively minor part of the pool installation process, it would add to the cost of this project as well as increase the time for the pool to be ready for use. In addition to waiting for the concrete to cure, you would also have to wait for the liner to be installed and for its adhesive to cure. Furthermore, your pool's liner would suffer some extensive wear over the years, and this will lead to it eventually needing to be replaced. A fiberglass pool, however, would have no need for a liner to be installed, which can spare you these additional costs as well as the maintenance that it will demand.

Highly Customizable

Fiberglass pools can be highly customizable, in both the shape of the pool and its aesthetics. For example, it is possible for the fiberglass shell to be molded to almost any design or size, which can make it a versatile solution for most pool designs. Additionally, fiberglass pool shells can be given unique colors or patterns. These aesthetic options can be useful for homeowners that want to install a pool that will be a visually enriching addition to their property without having to sacrifice durability or increase costs too much. While tile for the pool can be another option for meeting these needs, it will be far more costly.


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ideas for custom-built pools

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